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NWR: Frustrated with FI

So I have to just get all of this off my chest because if I don't it will boil and become some big fight that doesn't need to happen.

FI and I have a cattle business together. We have cows, raise calves then sell them. FFIL also has cows that we all put together during calving season. FI and I take care of all the calving. Today we are supposed to brand those calves and we have to wait on FFIL to get his butt out of bed. I think we should just get started without him. I mean hell, we do it all ourselves anyways and know how to do it without him. FFIL is also always late, and by late I mean 1-2 hours late. So this morning I just want to get over there and at least get set up before FFIL comes out but FI is like No... we need to wait for my dad.

Seriously? Do you need your dad to hold your hand? Ugh..

Also, we have been talking about buying a house recently.. EXCITING!!! Except, now FI only wants to spend like 100,000 on a house that is a 'fixer upper'. I'm all for fixing a property up but seriously you are going to buy a crap hole for that price. I also know my FI and he isn't very quick to fix things. So I could see myself living in a construction zone for years.

Anyways... that's my vent. Had to get it off of my chest. Phew... I feel better.

Oh ya... and our anniversary was last week. He had to work late the night of so I figured we could go out to dinner or something a few days later.... still nothing.. it's been like 3 days. :(

Okay.. now i'm done.
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Re: NWR: Frustrated with FI

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    Things get frustrating in relationships. Ive been with mine for 6 years now. Just talk without getting upset or blaming him. if you feel like you are never heard it will just build and build till you explode.

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