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67 Days to Go!

My last post was definitely a woe me! 

I was going through it. My parents unwilling to support my decision to get married, school, work and the monster in law. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I almost did! I was so upset that my mom would support me and that the monster in law was judging me so harshly - almost let it steal the joy away from me. Can you believe it?! One of the most important events in my life nearly ruined because I didnt know when to say when. Getting married was not only about uniting with the love of life but also spreading my wings and gaining the independance that I needed to. I was bent on proving to my mom that I was not making a mistake and that my fiancee was a great guy that I didnt trust that with time she would come to see that. Today, I am happier because no fucks are given. THIS IS MY LIFE and I make it what I want. I claim my destiny. And I thank God for every moment. 

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