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Mondane Mondays

Whats better than Monday, Monday on April fools :/. So so tired today I would have preferred to stay home and sleep in. Good news is tonight's dinner is bison pot roast and I get my kidlet back!
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Re: Mondane Mondays

  • I feel you Bianca, I so didn't want to get up this morning.  I stayed up way too late watching Game of Thrones and Myrtle Manor. <------ I swear that is the best reality show EVER.  super funny


  • We get game of thrones on iTunes. Too cheap to pay for real cable :D.

    Did you all get easter baskets from your sweet hearts? I always make him a Man-Basket, and he makes me a pretty easter basket. Loved my basket this year.
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  • No Easter basket from FI but he did give me a Reese bunny :)


  • Great what makes Mondays better than nausea. Nasty nasty nasty, sucking down coconut water now.
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