February 2014 Weddings

Accountability Weekend Edition!

B: Muffin and Milk
L: GF veggie chicken pizza
D: Panera Soup and Salad
S: icecream, fruit
E: weights and abs

B: Home made GD strawberry Muffins and ham
L: Hot bison cheese sandwich, tomatoes  Larabar
D: GF pasta and bison meatballs
DD: softserve with coconut
E: 13.1 miles of running
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Re: Accountability Weekend Edition!

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    B-Granola & Blackberries
    L-Grilled Chick Flatbread from Wendys
    D- Honey Bunches w/ Strawberries
    W/O- 45 mins intervals on elliptical & 20 min core

    B- Scrambled eggs & spinach
    L-kale chips & watermelon
    D- Salmon, wild rice & asparagus
    W/O-  30 min intervals on elliptical & 20 stregnth & 20 core


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