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Accountability Monday

Today was my daughters birthday so forgive me for bad things. Tuesday I start dieting. I've got 5-10 pounds I'd like to lose, most likely I can only realistically lose 5. Most of you would laugh seeing me that I want to take any weight off but what can I say its a personal thing and I am not comfortable right now.

B- GF muffin, yoghurt
S- Apricots w peanut butter
L- Salad with Bison
D- Baked Chicken Ziti
S- Cottage Cheese and Strawberries
DD- GF Vanilla Cupcake

E- 3.1 mile recovery run
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Re: Accountability Monday

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    B-Oatmeal & Coffee
    L- smoked salmon & spinach
    D- Son's BB practice ran way over so we stopped at Taco Bell & had a chic quesdilla

    W/O- 30 Mins elliptical
    15 mins strength


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