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Horray for Friday

Hello Ladies, sorry haven't been around much this week, been super busy at work and spending tons of time at my sons baseball practice in the evenings. 

Anywho, I'm super excited for this weekend.  I get to go have a look at my dress that arrived at my parents Monday.  I haven't been able to get out there this week due to being so busy so YAY!!! I can't wait :)


Re: Horray for Friday

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    Today I'm leaving work early to take my furr kid to the cardiologist :/. My fiancé is going with me I'm super nervous.

    I also am just feeling pretty cruddy today in general so no workouts for me today. Tomorrow spin and swim though.
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    Oh no!  What's wrong with your "furr kid" (dog or cat or rabbit?)  I hope that all will be well!

    Also Lissa1213, that is so exciting!  I don't get to see my dress until September :(

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    Hope everything will be okay Dewing. 

    BTW what are your names.  I feel kinda silly calling you guys by your screen name but if thats what you want to go by it more than fine :)

    I'm Lissa

    Hopefully Spring will finally get here, this weather has been keeping me sick all week


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    I'm Debbie!  And yes, I'm dreaming of sunshine, sweet warm sunshine. 

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    I'm Bianca :).

    As to kitty he's great! Basically I adopted this furr ball in August he's 11 months now. When I got him he came from a rescue but had some issues including kitty herpes that caused eye ulcers. Well he's a very active cat and 2 weeks ago he ran around of about 45 minutes non stop chasing a feather toy then a laser. When he was done he spent the next 20 minutes panting. Well last weekend he ran around again for 30 minutes straight and sent himself into a coughing fit. Worried he might have broncitis from  the herpes virus I called the vet. They checked out his breathing and heart all sounded good, and did an x-ray of his chest. The x-ray was not so good. His heart was about 1/3 bigger than it should be so they told me it could be normal for him or he could have the start of cardiomyopathy which isnt good if not treated. The only way we could tell was with an expensive echocardiogram. We were told with how early it was he'd probably live a normal life if we got it taken care of right away. So we took him in and the cardiologist confirmed his heart was indeed big, no murmur, no gallops, no arythmia. In fact they had to scare the crikey out of him to get his heart rate to raise and hear a murmur and it went back to normal almost immediatly. They did the echo and said his heart is actually one of the steadiest and strongest they've seen. So like I tell everyone he has a big heart full of love and he wants to be a marathoner like his meowmy, well now I have proof of that from a cardiologist. That money was well spent to know he is healthy. I couldnt have forgiven myself if I hadnt gone and took a chance and it ended up shortening his life. So though I had to take pain meds I'm a happy girl to know this little man is good. I probably wont be having more kids so he's my other kid.
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    I'm happy to hear about that diagnosis!  It is always so sad when you have to take your animals into the vet and you don't know what's wrong.  My rabbit Cocoa last year was staying with my FI (he's an outdoor rabbit most of the time, so he was in the backyard), and when my FI went to check on him, half of the fur on his face was gone.  FI freaked out and did an emergency Skype date with me, and then I felt horrible having something wrong with my rabbit when I was 3000 miles away . . . and then the vet didn't even know what was wrong when FI took him in.  From what we gather, my lovely yet not so smart rabbit must have been poking his head somewhere where he shouldn't have and gotten scratched, taking his fur with it.  And now he sheds in weird spurts on his face, which is actually sort of adorable. 

    It's interesting to hear about your kitty's condition though - having a bigger heart.  There are some famous race horses in history that had that and because of the bigger heart they actually were able to run faster (Secretariat, Phar Lap to name a few).  I wonder how often animals just get born with bigger hearts?  This makes me want to buy a textbook on animal biology.

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