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WTF Wednesday?

Dear Mother Nature,

It was snowing 2 weeks ago, and now its going to be 90 today. WTF? I am seriously not ready for 5:30 am training runs yet so back off.


Cranky Runner

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Re: WTF Wednesday?

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    It's 83 here,  and I LOVE IT!!!

    Dear Work,

    Today you are making me pull my hair out, is it too much to ask that time cards be turned in correct and for you lazy a$$ to work a bit faster, I know it's slow right now and you don't want to be laid off but decreasing our profit margins while you sit around and text is getting me "the look" from boss man.  Just please do your job, fill your work orders out correctly and let me do my job.


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    I love 80's I really do. I just cant run in them with all my meds which makes me get up at o dark thirty to run in the morning. I have a track workout tonight :/. Looking forward to racing in 45 degrees on Saturday.
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    Yeah, weather everywhere has been so weird!  Back home in Canada, they just had a crazy ice storm and schools had to close for a snow day.  A snow day in April!  That is so weird! 
    I have no rants today, besides the weather.  Work is good, thesis is coming along - hooray!

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    What the fuji I wish it was wednesday day! It's only tuesday! Ahhhh so unmotivated at work! And can NJ please get a real spring!?
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