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What is on your Wedding Docket Week of 4/15?

This week I'm hoping to pretty much finish up our wedding website for now, and get started on the newsletter. I'm hoping to hear from my wedding coordinator and set up my wedding coordination  dates as well.
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Re: What is on your Wedding Docket Week of 4/15?

  • We signed our DJ contract this week. We are signing our catering contract friday night and finalizing our engagement party menu and cake as well.
  • We had a house warming bbq type thing. No real engagement party but I was fine with that.
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  • I had a similar "no real engagement party" as well, but that was fine. 

    This week my FI has been working on attire.  He is trying to narrow down what he wants to wear and what he wants his groomsmen to wear, in case it takes time to order in.  He wants to dress in something completely medieval, but I've been trying to convince him to scale it back and not do something 100% historically accurate, since my dress and my bridesmaid's dresses won't be completely medieval - just have little traces of it here and there.  I think he is settling on leather vests for his groomsmen with fancy dress shirts.  I'm letting him make the final decisions on this, and I hope I don't end up forehead smacking myself when its all over . . .

  • Midevil? Is your wedding themed as such?

    I should probably get fiance on the ball with suits since his will need to be a custom job.
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  • Yep, medieval themed wedding here.  Mostly the decor, some attire, and having games will be the brunt of the theme - everything else is typical wedding. 

    Yeah, having to do custom stuff is sort of annoying - too bad most guys don't have awesome formal suits just sitting around in their closets.  Unless they are my dad, who is always prepared, apparently - he already has a suit that is good for my wedding.  Are you going with suits then instead of tuxes?  Nothing against tuxes, but I find a good suit to be my preference for dressed-up guys. 

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