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Private cottage beach honeymoon

Hi ladies! :) My fiancé and I are looking for a small beach house/cottage, preferably somewhere in the bahamas for our honeymoon. I say the bahamas because the plane tickets are very reasonable (compared to many other destinations) and it's not a very long flight. We would prefer something as private as possible with a pool just for us, but are okay with staying at cottages in a resort setting if necessary. Because we'll be working on a young newlywed budget, we would also like to stay under $2500 for a one week stay. We are not into the nightlife scene and don't care for a loud, crowded resort. We are much more interested in escaping from the "real world" and enjoying the peace and quiet of a great beach getaway. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions! :)

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    There are other options with airfare around the same as the Bahamas, but given your budget, it may be very hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Time of year will also play a role- you may not find anything if it's peak season or holiday season. Check out vrbo.com for villa/home rentals in the US and Caribbean. I say US because you may have to consider Florida to stay within budget.


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    have you looked to see if there are any beach cottages to rent for a week in the bahamas? and which island specifically? there are many......
    what time of year?


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    I haven't had much luck in researching the different islands, but I have been looking into some cottages in the Abaco islands and it looks very nice, as well as the Pink Sands Resort (http://www.pinksandsresort.com) which is in Harbour island. Our wedding is May 24, 2014 and we plan to leave for the honeymoon either immediately after the wedding or the following morning. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything, as google isn't showing me a lot of options. I also should have specified that the $2500 is for lodging only. :)
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