possible to do a summer wedding for approx. $50/person?

hello all - i'm beginning to plan my wedding reception for next july or august (2014) and would appreciate your expertise.  i'm interested in having a brunch or lunch reception with dancing (will be using a spotify playlist) and no more than 70 guests total.  am i totally crazy for wanting to do this for approx. $50/person for all reception costs (venue rental, food, alcohol, linens, tables/chairs, dishes, glassware, etc.)?  i'd prefer it to be a place with existing decor where i can literally show up the morning of, drop off some flower arrangements and favors and be done with it.  am i dreaming or is this possible?  my main concern is that the food is tasty (my fiance and i are amateur foodies) and our guests have a good time.

Re: possible to do a summer wedding for approx. $50/person?

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    I am getting married August 16th of 2014 and have already booked my venue way back in September. However, I am having a typical evening wedding. I do think it could be possible if you did it on a sunday. Not alot of people have sunday afternoon weddings, but I think it would be a wonderful idea. Have you thought about a friday evening? They do offer discounts at most venues, or try doing it in november when they offer major discounts due to the offseason. If you have your heart set on summer, thats totally okay, you could get married in a park, many people on this site of suggested that to others, and have your reception nearby. What area are you looking at getting married? That will help people assist you in finding a venue to fit your needs and budget.
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    Narcis Winery in Mars is a great location and seems to be fairly cheap. Plus if you decide to get married there you could possibly in the winery.
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    Thanks everyone.  I'm going to check out Narcisi Winery on Sunday.  I looked at some of the rental facilities in South Park and was kind of grossed out.  I've heard that North Park is better, so I will check that out soon, too.  I'm prety open location-wise.  I think I would just want the venue to be within a 30-45 minute drive of Pittsburgh.
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    I'm booked for the Four Seasons Banquet House near North Park for May 2014. They have 2 packages, the more expensive of which is $49.95per person, and this includes linens, dishes/flatware, centerpieces, food and cake. They are BYOB, but depending on how much your guests drink, this could be ideal (definitely ideal for us!). If you have a Saturday reception, they have a minimum of 100 guests, but if you do Friday or Sunday, there's no minimum. Their website is Good luck!
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    It really depends on where you're looking at. Greensburg is about 30-45 mins from Pittsburgh (depending which part) I'm using Ferrante's Lakeview and mine is 48/person based on the meal I picked. It's nice and easy to get to from the Irwin exit on the turnpike too.
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