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I have never felt so bad about a dream

I just had the most realistic proposal dream that made me feel like a horrible person when I woke up.  I know we've talked about proposal dreams before, but this one beat out the dream where my mom forced him to propose then he threw a shower curtain at me because he was angry.

So BF told me he wants to get me a ring for our anniversary tomorrow.  We've had a few weeks to do this and I'm really not curious at all.  

The Dream: I was sitting at the dining room table in our house doing something like using a laptop or some sort of electronic device.  I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see BF one one knee and he just says, "Happy anniversary, we should get married." Which is great. No big crowds, just me and him and it's perfect. I tell him yes and then ask him a bunch of questions about it.  He then shows me the ring and says, "I got you exactly what you wanted." I am HORRIFIED.  This ring is hideous.  It goes from a thin band on one side to knuckle-height on the other, and is a mixture of white gold and yellow gold.  The center stone is HUGE and on the side of it, there are rhinestones and beading (like on cheap costumes) all over the big side.  He's got a grin on his face and says proudly, "I picked it out myself!"  Then he goes and takes a nap.  In the meantime, I'm trying to love this scary piece of jewelry and in the end I can't.  He wakes up and I come clean about how I hate it and we end up running around to different jewelry stores. 

I woke up feeling extremely bad about myself.  I felt like I was shallow and a horrible person.  I honestly don't care much about what rings look like as long as they're not huge on my finger and I prefer that they don't cost anyone an arm and a leg.  

Now that I've got my crazy out, I can't wait for today to be over.  I've had BF's anniversary gift hidden in the closet for a couple weeks and it's taking all my self-control to not just give it to him.  Since we work on opposite schedules and he's usually asleep when I get home and I'm asleep when he leaves for work, I haven't seen him since Sunday night.  Which makes keeping the gift from him until tomorrow easier.  I just have to make it through tonight and we should be good.  I am also so excited for hopefully going to the Science Center and Natural History Museum this weekend! 
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Re: I have never felt so bad about a dream

  • Aww, I don't think you should feel bad about that dream! I think that it's okay to have preferences and honestly, that ring sounds like a nightmare if you don't like huge rings on your fingers. Also, I know this completely wasn't the point, but ... he threw a shower curtain at you in your other dream? That's pretty hilarious.

    What are you most looking forward to seeing at the Science Center and Natural History Museum? I'm a junkie for a good museum.
  • Don't feel bad, I think we all had horrible engagment/ring dreams.  It's pretty normal when you are anticipating something like that.
  • Awww, don't feel bad. Even in the dream you tried to love it, so I think that counts for a lot. Plus, at least this time there were no shower curtains involved.

    I had a dream like that once too, only it came out of nowhere because there are no rings in my future for at least a year. In it, BF got me a ring that could make the Bat signal, and apparently that was a good enough reason for us to get engaged. I spent half the dream trying to love the ring and half being extremely offended that THIS was why we were going to get married now. I was glad to wake up and shake that one off.

    Congrats on your anniversary tomorrow! Sounds like you have some fun plans for celebrating this weekend!
  • Thanks ladies!

    The shower curtain dream was equal parts hilarious because of how it happened and terrifying because it was like horror movie status with the lights flickering and a long set of stairs leading from the bathroom into darkness.  I definitely woke up thinking WTF was that about?

    I'm not even expecting an engagement ring or proposal or anything. It's just a gift. He knows I love jewelry (even though I don't have a lot) and I love rings probably as much as he loves fishing rods and reels.  Okay, maybe not as much as he loves fishing gear, but close enough. 

    I love the World of Life exhibit at the Science Center.  I'm really into anatomy and physiology, so that's pretty much the main reason I want to go. Also the Endeavor space shuttle is there and I missed the whole thing about it flying over parts of Southern California and being towed through Los Angeles.  I really want to see it. 

    I haven't been to the Natural History Museum in probably 10-15 years.  I have no idea what I want to see or what's there anymore.  But the mineral and gemstone exhibit used to be my favorite. I used to be terrified of the dinosaur exhibit as a kid.  I thought they were going to come alive and eat me.  I admit, I cried a lot.  I'm sort of excited to go now, since I'm older and not a terrified child.
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  • Lol, this reminds me of the dream my mom told me she had a few weeks ago. I can't remember if I shared it here or not. My mom told me she dreamt that I called her up telling her that my BF proposed, and I was coming over to show her the ring. When I arrived, she saw the ring, and it was HIDEOUS. She said that the diamond was on a hinge, so it turned vertically whenever my hand wasn't flat, and then it stuck up a lot. 

    She asked me "Is that what you wanted?"

    I shouted "No!!!"

    Then she was really afraid I was going to break up with him because the ring was so bad. She kept telling me, "It's okay - we'll go out and get you a better ring! Don't worry about it! Everything is going to be ok!" 

    Clearly, my mother is crazy (and willing to buy me an engagement ring). 
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  • I've had a few strange dreams about future rings/proposals too.  In one dream my BF proposed with a ring that had replicas of the Twin Towers instead of a diamond.  In my dream I was horrified and didn't know how to tell him I hated it.

    In another dream he proposed with my dream ring and the ring was so real that when I woke up I didn't think it was a dream until I looked and my ring finger was bare.  lol
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    I have a recurring nightmare that BF's friend and his GF get engaged before us and I throw a horrifying tantrum.  Needless to say I wake up in a pit of self loathing and embarrassment, even though that obviously would never happen.

    I hate engagement dreams.  They make you doubt your sanity...

    ETA:  Just to clarify, when I said "that would never happen," I meant the tantrum, not their engagement!
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  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has dreams of totally horrible engagement rings.  I wish I had some sort of artistic ability so I could draw how horrible it looked.  Like it's still in my mind-awful lol. 
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  • It was just a way for your brain to take some of the stress off.  Even if you don´t really fell it, but you are anxious about it. 

    This is why you have this type of dreams, to show you your fear. So you realize that they are just dreams, not reality.

    Relax you will be fine.

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