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Send-off or stay?

I'm trying to decide whether FI (by then he'll be H I suppose...) and I should leave our reception early, with a send-off, or if we should stay until the very end.

I had been planning on staying the whole time. After all, I planned this whole shebang and want to enjoy the fruits of my labor for as long as possible! My mom is positive that I'll be exhausted and want to leave as soon as I can. She also worries that people won't leave until we do, which both seem like valid concerns.

I would love to just play it by ear, but I'm not sure that we can. We have to give the town car a pick-up time, for one. I'd also like to have at least a little something planned for a send-off. I guess I could plan one and just scrap it if we decide we want to stay.

What did you do/do you plan to do?

(Also, we got our engagement photos back last night, check out the siggy!)

Re: Send-off or stay?

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    We were on the last trolley run for the night.    

    I've only seen one send-off in all the weddings I've attended.  That was my sister's.  The venue organized the send off so people leave the room and they can start cleaning up.  It was very clear it was the end of the party.  We threw petals at them as they got in the limo and then we all headed to our cars.

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    H and I were the last one's to leave.  In fact, when the DJ stopped the music I ended up standing by the door and saying a final farewell to all of the remaining guests (I think H was outside getting some fresh air...too much grey goose).

    I wanted to stay at my reception for as long as I possibly could.  I had waited for this day for a long time and there was no way I was going to leave early.  And I was no where near being tired by the end of my reception.  I ended up going out to a local bar with our wedding party and a few other friends for another hour or two (H was passed out in the hotel).

    You need to do what you want to do.  I personally think it is silly when the bride and groom leave the party early.  I just can't wrap my mind around why they would want to do this after spending so much time and energy (and money) planning it.

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    We stayed until almost the end, then snuck out because we didn't want to be so exhausted that we skipped the chocolate, champagne, and hot tub in the honeymoon suite.
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    Adorable pic!

    We stayed until the end b/c we had to help pack up gifts and clean up some stuff.
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    My mom and planner were convinced that we would be exhausted too, and tried to convince me of that while I was planning to extend the length of the reception by an hour. We wanted to be there the entire time enjoying the reception with our guests, which trumped doing a send off. As it turns out, we were there until the very end--we made sure that we had floated both kegs, then headed out to extend the party at a piano bar. We felt great and were ready to keep going.

    Like Lynda, I've only been to one reception where the B&G did one and it was okay, and that basically signaled the end of the night. You could still do one after the last song, regardless of the time. I think that once the B&G leave, the party pretty much dies off. I think it will have a lot to do with the crowd you have--do you forsee a good portion of guests to stay until the end? If so, just plan to do the send off at the end of your time allotment at the venue and schedule for your towncar to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to that.
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    Ok, you guys are pretty much confirming what I've seen elsewhere on the boards.

    Courtski, I think that's a great idea. I'm sure most of our friends will stay the whole time, and I think a reasonable chunk of family will, too. So we'll do the last dance about 15 minutes before everyone needs to leave, then just head straight out (both sets of parents are already planning on staying after us to clean up/gather gifts, bless their hearts).
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    We stayed.  I never wanted to leave early, I wanted to stay, dance, and hang out with my guests for as long as possible, which we did.  It was worth it for us to stay and we had a great time! 

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    We're planning on staying till the end. If I'm paying for the party I want to stay the whole time!
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    We stayed until the end and made sure our guests got to the hotel ok.  Then we went out afterwards from midnight till 2 am to party some more with a few of our guests.  :)
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