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Anyone else bored with this series? I never thought I'd say that.
I'm not a huge Matt Smith fan, but I like him enough and Amy and Rory balanced the show as as I loved them.

Clara idoesn't do it for me and I'm just finding the writing to be lacking and boring.

I can't wait for the Tennant/Rose episode to come. I apparently have several months.. it's what is getting me through.
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Re: Whovians

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    Ya, I'm not super impressed.  I thought the first couple of episodes were good but now I'm kind of bored.  I just finished watching the last episode tonight and it just wasn't very interesting.  I really couldn't get into the whole giant parasite episode.  I thought that ranked at the top of the dumb episode's list.  I really like 11 but so far this hasn't been one of his better seasons, I think he is too serious now. Clara is alright, I like her but I am not super drawn to her yet.  But to be fair it took me a while to get into any companion except Martha.   I agree that the writing is lacking.  I Hope it is amazing for the 50th special.  I’m excited about that!

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    My H watches, and sometimes I catch an episode here or there. I much preferred the previous doctor. Clara's alright, but the story line is just a bit dull. 
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    I really like Matt Smith and loved the Ponds but this series is so boring. H is the giant fan, he's dragging me to a Con in November. But I have been playing Candy Crush during the eps lately. I can't get it up for Clara.
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    Yeah Clara has been a real downgrade from the Ponds. There have been a few episodes that have been ok (I didn't mind this latest one), but nothing comparing to previous seasons/series. Super pumped for the 50th anniversary episode though!
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    Can I just say that every time I see "Whovians" I think of this instead:

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    4th Dr. is the Best Dr!

    I agree with PPs that I liked the previous Dr. better than the current, but I didn't really like Amy. . . I thought she was annoying for some reason.  Poor Rory was always killed!

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