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September 7th bride-Barn DIY wedding!

Hello everyone!

I am 4 months away from the big day and it seems like there is so much to do still!  I feel like all the big things are done but having our wedding at a barn and bringing everything in ourselves seems overwhelming because we are doing so much ourselves! Either way I am so excited :)

Are there any other rustic brides on here?! What do you have left to do?!

Hope everyones planning is going well!


Re: September 7th bride-Barn DIY wedding!

  • I am a semi rustic bride!   I have a lot of stuff left to do!!  There isn't a lot of action on our page because we have a super secret facebook group.
  • We're having it in a barn too and doing a ton of DIY.  Believe me, I hear you on the overwhelmed feeling.  Thankfully we have access the Friday before the wedding too all day and some friends/family have offered to take off work to help us!  :-)
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  • We are doing a barn wedding as well.  Our wedding is a Friday wedding Sept 20th.  I had to laugh when I read this post, this is exactly what I keep saying!  We have the DJ, flowers, cake and photographer.  The place where we are having our wedding does the catering.  We need alcohol and ALL of the little things...I feel that we have NOTHING done for the ceremony...the most important part!  This is my first time on this board and now I am so happy that I read this...I feel a little relieved to know that I am not the only one who feels like they are totally overwhelmed with all the little details!

    What do you still have left to do?

  • K&m we're date twins! My wedding is rustic, but in a tent beside a barn! Lots do do still, but taking it one step at a time!


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  • I'm with all of you. Huge barn wedding! LOTS to do.. I mean tons of stuff. And my FH doesnt understand why we have to decorate a barn... because 'its a barn'. I'm completely overwhelmed. But ill just have to plug away at it little by little I suppose!
    Sometimes I do just want to have a melt down about it.. But that wont help anything!
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  • I am glad we are all on the same page!  It is amazing what goes into decorating a barn for a wedding. I know it will all be worth it in the end :) Some things I did for decorative purposes was:

    1) Made burlap pennant banners for the card table, dessert table, and sweetheart table.

    2) Collected lots of flameless LED candles from michaels every week using 40% off coupons

    3) Made our centerpieces out of wood slices that we cut, wooden table numbers, burlap, burlap and lace silverware holders, and mason jars (OF COURSE) LOL

    4) Lots of vintage/ antiquey looking bottles/tins

    We also have not finished ceremony planning.  I need to find the perfect blush pink 3-3.5 inch comfortable heel. Need to collect insurances from all the vendors for the wedding venue. Need to buy all the wine/beer as it gets closer. Finalize music ideas. Still deciding if we are going to have programs or menus, may stick with the simple chalkboard idea and save on paper!

    I would love to hear about everyone else's progress and ideas! 
  • I'm semi-rustic too- mountain farm/bed and breakfast for the ceremony and reception.  The front of the barn is where the cocktail hour will be and then the reception will be in a tent next to the barn.  

    We have all the main stuff out of the way but lots of details to work on over the summer---
    -find lots of vintage vases to use for centerpieces
    -escort cards (still can't decide on an idea yet)
    -photobooth props
    -create programs and table numbers (thank goodness for an art director fiance)  
    -gather family wedding photos for a big top secret art project

    Thank goodness for having the summer break away from students to get a lot done!  
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