Do not use this company for your floral arrangements. I had a destination wedding and thought that this would be the easiest way to order my bouquet. It was delivered the day before my wedding, as promised. The bouquet looked fine. I followed their instructions of clipping the stems, putting the flowers in water and refrigerating them. The next morning, on my wedding day, my bouquet looked wilted and was ruined. I attempted to contact this company several times by phone and did not get an answer. I did not have my confirmation email with me, so I was unable to contact them via email with pictures until I got home from my wedding several days later. I was forced to find a local florist to replicate my bouquet at a third of the price! at the 11th hour. Not something a bride should have to be stressed about on her wedding day. They are now refusing to give me a refund, because I did not contact them within 12 hours of the delivery of my flowers. They were delivered around 10am and I didn't notice the problem until the next morning around 8am. So, their 12 hour policy wouldn't have made a difference. It is totally unreasonable. Do yourselves a favor and use a local florist, so that if there is an issue, it can be rectified and fixed.
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