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A Thousand Years

So I recently saw this GLEE cover of "A Thousand Years", which I had never heard at the time. loved the song, loved the cover.

But, once I started doing a little research, I found out that the song was written for the wedding scene in one of the Twilight movies. FI and I are not Twilight fans at all. Do you folks think it would be strange to use a song that was written for a wedding scene in a movie we dislike for your own wedding? I think FIs set his mind against it at this point, but I'm just curious about your thoughts.
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Re: A Thousand Years

  • people may or may not associate it with Twilight.  Its a very pretty song and popular for weddings.  Most will not have any clue it was a part of Twilight.  when I first heard it, I did not even know it was in the movie.  I originally was thinking about usuing it, but decided on not doing it (not a Twilight fan, but that was not why we didn't use it).  We may have it as one of the prelude songs as guests arrive though. 

    If you like it, use it!  But if Fiance is totally against it, compromise on something he likes as well

  • I love the song, we are using it but I know it from the radio not the movie :)
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    It was on the soundtrack and written by Christina Perry FOR the movie, but it was only used in the credits of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and used in the final scene of Part 2.

    I love that song and it was on the radio as I parked my car for my first date with my BF so it has always been "our" song to me.  I don't even think he is aware of the Twilight association and he hates the first movie and refused to see the others.  lol

    Use it if you like it.  :)
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    I wouldn't worry about the Twilight aspect of it. It's a beautiful song. 
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  • Well, i'm not sure if you wanted the lyrics or not, but there is a beautiful instrumental version by The Piano Guys available on iTunes. That way you still have the song you love, but it isn't as recognizable as "that song from Twilight".
  • I love this song as well and was also considering it----would you play it for the procession down the aisle?
  • No its not weird at all! If you like the song you should definitely use it.
  • I found a version of "A Thousand Years" on YouTube by ThePianoGuys.  It is instrumental, with only the cello and piano.  It is beautiful.  I played it for my 7 year old daughter and asked her if I should use it to walk down the isle.  She felt so moved by the music she actually started to cry!  She told me I HAVE to use it. 
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  • The Piano Guys version IMO is almost better than the Christina Perri version; we're using it for our processional. I just found it had so much more emotion in it than the one with the words, which I would find distracting I think. We were having trouble finding music we like for the pro, but when a friend suggested that one and we listened to it, it actually made me FI cry!
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    Unless you will have a lot of 17 year olds at the wedding, I wouldn't be worried 

  • I dislike the Twilight series as well, but wow do I love the song. I love it so much that I have decided to sing it as I walking down the aisle ^^
  • I found out it was a Twilight song, but I think of it as a Doctor Who song because it makes sense in my brain that way.

    It's on my short list of possibilities.
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  • I love that song...not a fan of twilight but the song is beautiful. I was actually thinking of playing this as my song for walking down the aisle. Listening to it I can actually picture it, with the way it starts off sorta slow it could start as I make my way down the walkway and pick up a little just as I walk down the aisle. :)
  • I actually nixed this song in part because of the Twilight association. It's probably a non-issue, but I really REALLY hate Twilight. :) We also wanted something a little less popular.

  • sarawifenowsarawifenow Denver, baby! member
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    I am using this song, too! Who cares about the Twilight thing? I am almost certain that a vast majority of my guests will not associate it with the movie.
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  • I love the song! And I loved the Twilight books and movies! But I, too, have reservations from using it in my wedding for the very same reason. I guess if you're really in love with the song, don't let Twilight keep it away from you.
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  • It's a nice enough song, but I definitely associate it with Twilight. I strongly dislike that series and I attended a wedding recently where it was a couple's first dance song. The bride was a huge fanatic of Twilight. Personally, I would not want to be associated with that twisted story, but since you aren't a big fan I'm sure people will not assume that's the reason you chose it.
  • I'm using it for my processional because it was the song I assigned to FI as his ring tone... Long before I knew it was the "Twilight" song. I almost changed my mind because of that but then decided to keep it because it's just perfect for us.
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