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wedding date help... Sukkot

Hi everyone. I am in need of some help.

My Fiance is set on having our wedding on October 11, 2014 (Its the day after his grandpas birthday; his grandpa passed away 2 yrs ago and he wanted to honor him by doing that)  I am fine with this day, but it is sukkot and I just dont know if you are allowed to get married that day.  I googled it and I am getting more confused by doing so. 

I do plan on asking a Rabbi, but I haven't had the chance to talk to him yet. So, I thought I'd get some feedback from here.

Shana :)
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Re: wedding date help... Sukkot

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    I think it will probably depend on the rabbi--if they are Reform/Conservative/Orthodox/Recon as well as personal preference.  Also, October 11, 2014, will be a Saturday, right?  That may also make it difficult--some rabbis will start whenever, others will wait until Shabbat is over, and others won't do a Saturday wedding at all.  
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    Definitely check with the rabbi you are thinking of using.  Ours (Reform) didn't have an issue with Sukkot.  In fact, we had the blessing over bread in the sukkah immediately following the ceremony.  However, as jessicabessica says, a Saturday may be an issue even if Sukkot is not.
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    The saturday isn't a problem. We are doing it after sun down.
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