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HELP**********alcohol for 285 guestHELP******************

Hi Ladies!!
so alcohol will be served at my reception.  At first i was going to have beer and wine, no liquor, bc abc permitis just extra cost. but my dad does not think all the ppl will want beer or wine and may want other beverages. my mom and I are like  we dont care what they want they are not paying. how do you think i should handle this?  I do not want to have beer, wine, and liquor, only 2.  my dad feels like we should just have liquor and not mix everything, but this is not the cookout in the back yard where guest will be drinking  straight shots of hen .  but its his money so i want to make him happy just a lil :), the FI does not care. 
So ppl hve suggested i do a signature drink and beer, but that does not solve my problem with my dad, bc he wants straight liquor just floating.  any ideas or suggestion would be great.  the venue does not provide alcohol, so we have to set and all :(

Re: HELP**********alcohol for 285 guestHELP******************

  • If your dad is paying for the alcohol, then let him get what he wants. What I don't get is why there are no mixers. If you do decide to do the liquor, I would definitely add the mixers. If your dad doesn't want to buy mixers and you don't have the funds for it then I say stick with beer and wine. At first, I was going to have beer and wine only then my brother volunteered to pay for the liquor. Honestly, we had left over bottles. People just didn't drink that in the end you have to know your crowd. My venue also provided the mixers....
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    thanks a bunch!! after talking to my dad again yesterday, he was okay with no liquor. So we will just do beer and wine.
  • We did beer, wine, and a signature drink. And like Rowena, we had leftover bottles too.
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