Wedding Woes


1-I have to quit listening to _Twilight Zone_ radio dramas in the car w/ Buffy.  Not that she gets scared of them, but because she may scare me.  She's in a 'parrot things back' phase right now and I got to listen to "*SCream* Let go of me...down the elevator shaft" for several minutes.  As I changed the channel she switched to "Miss White, you are one of us...hee hee hee, one of us".  Creepy as all get out

2-This week we're getting Dawg groomed for the first time since her surgery.  I'm a bit worried because she gets weird about her knees.  the 'better' place we go is booked up until June, so we're at choice #2 (not bad, just not as good).  Although I do admit that the fact that she believes (incorrectly, FWIW) that if you lift up one of her 'bad' legs that she can't support herself (she can--she does all the time voluntarily, it's just when YOU do it for her) and falls into a heap and looks accusingly at me is adonkably hilarious to me.

3-I don't understand why I put a carrot in my mouth, chew it up, and then think "ew, I don't want to eat this".  Once I do, there's a mental block and it takes me like 15 minutes to convince myself to swallow the damn thing.  I packed myself carrots today but I don't think I'll be eating any more of them

4-I love that the 'study skills' class requires people to visit all of the various help centers around campus, but I have given the 2-minute schpiel for my center 15 gazillion times in the last 2 days.  These slackers waited until today, but damn if I"m going to sign their 'scavenger hunt' assignment paper w/o them listening to what services we provide.
And astounding number of them have said things like "really?  you lend out protractors and compasses?  I wish I had known that at the beginning of the semester"
Which is why they got the assignment at the beginning of the semester--they just ignored it until now.  These kids.
(at least they'll know for next semester)

5-I have an addiction to post-its.  I may need a 12 step program.
(I am annoyed that the post-it widget went away on the last version of Android.)

Re: randoms:

  • I have a post-it addiction too. Currently, my clerk ordered the ones that are attached and look like a big slinky when you pull one off. HATE IT.

    Don't get all jazzy with my post-its. I like the good old fashion ones.
  • Ooo, NOLA, I don't like those either.  I always grab the wrong end.

    I loved the post-its I can put on my actual computer desktop.  I use them way too much.
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    I love #1.

    I don't know the last time I used a post it.
  • I have at least 4 stacks of pos-tits ready at any given moment. 

    I would much rather have 40s weather than 70s.  I think I'm like the only one right now.
  • GBCKGBCK member
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    the kids who work for me are on the 'post it' system when they ask for a day off.

    I had a problem w/ people walking up to me, in the middle of me dealing w/ something, and saying "oh, I can't be here next Wed".  Then, Wed, I'd be all "Where the HELL is JimBob?"

    So anyone who asks for a day off either has to write it on something (which they never do) or they have to stand at my desk until I have a post-it filled out w/ the date and time they'll be missing work.  This post it is then stuck to the 'notes about attendance' spot next to my computer.  That way if I'm not there, someone can, at a glance, see who is gone when.

    The slinky ones only work right if you hav a dispenser, and I don't want to have a dispenser.
    I also made a post-it keychain craft this weekend that I'll take pictures of soon :)
  • *rubs hands together* I want to see this crafting, GBCK.
  • GBCKGBCK member
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    I'll take pics tonight. 

     Nothing fancy, but since my keychain of notecards got used up last week, I made post-it-keychains to replace it--one for me and one for my student worker that I adore who jokes w/ me about my addiction.  (she's graduating, huzzah for her.  boo on me needing an assistant)
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