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I am doing a candy bar and think ordering wholesale online will be the easiest and least expensive...I plan on having 175 people and am just looking to see if anyone had any insight from doing candy bars...what worked, what didn't, where you got your candy, how many options you had, etc.


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    [QUOTE]I love candy bars, but I don't eat have a sugar-free option for your diabetic guests....That's all I got for ya. There are several online candy "shops" you can order from where you can order candies in certain colors. I do not have any recommendations for you though, as I haven't ordered for a wedding yet. I know you can get some from I have ordered there before, but not for wedding related stuff. They have good stuff, but spendy shipping.
    Posted by leighbie87[/QUOTE]
    Thanks for pointing that out we do have a few diabetic friends and we are doing a dessert bar.  I was already going to have some dye free candies at ours (my son has a red dye allergy) but didn't think of the diabetics.
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