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Communion song

I didn't want to threadjack the earlier post on music, so I went ahead and started a new one.

We have all of our music picked out, except the communion song.  

We've tried to keep to more traditional hymns, but we don't want latin.  Very few Catholics are attending our wedding, so we're trying to alienate them the least amount possible.  We'd like some to sing along.  

But we don't like more modern hymns.  Any suggestions for a good one?

Also, we may have only like 6 people or so receive communion, so it doesn't need to be a long song.



Re: Communion song

  • [QUOTE]Lol, what's schmaltzy?   
    Posted by monkeysip[/QUOTE]
    an online dictionary says "marked by excessive or maudlin sentimentality." 
    That works for me. I also think there can be musical characteristics that, at least to my ear, makes it sound so, like certain kinds of large melodic skips. Like on "O Lord I am Not Worthy," when it goes, "tha-at THOU shouldst COME to me..."
  • Ah, I gotcha!

  • We did the English translation of St. Thomas Aquinas' "Adoro te Devote" for our communion hymn... our parish had the red "Worship" hymnal

    The cantor accidentally sang it in Latin, though... probably my fault for not specifying!
  • In Response to Re: Communion song:
    [QUOTE]really traditional:   O Sacrament Most Holy At the Lamb's high feast Pange lingua (in English) Not really traditional but not praise and worship: I am the Bread of Life Behold the Lamb The Supper of the Lord
    Posted by agapecarrie[/QUOTE]

    I love Behold the Lamb, it's one of my favorite hymns.  

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