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Brunch after wedding

My mom is hosting a breakfast after the wedding. From what I've read, this is usually a chance for the bride and groom to sit down and talk to more of the relatives and out of town guests. My mom is leaving the invite list up to me. We're having a pretty healthy mix of local and out of town guests. Is it rude to extend the invite to only out of town guests, family, and wedding party or should everyone attending be invited? To me it seems like a more intimate gathering (kind of like the rehearsal dinner). Just not sure on the etiquette!

Re: Brunch after wedding

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    Well, I'm not entirely sure if we followed etiquette or not, but we invited (through word of mouth) only people that were staying at the hotel. For us, that included immediate family, OOT family, and 1 groomsman and his date. 
    If the news had been extended and other people that we didn't "orignally intend" on inviting actually show up for breakfast, they absolutely would have been welcomed! But nobody did. 

    I think in general though, most people assume/understand that the brunch is mostly for family and bridal party. 

    ETA: Most of our bridal party was actually immediate family to begin with
  • My aunt and uncle are hosting a day after brunch too, and they wanted to keep it to just WP and anyone that isn't local. I don't think it's rude to just keep it to specific groups, but I would make sure that only these specific people know about it- my aunt and uncle sent out special invitations.
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