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Looking for Affordable wedding flowers

Hello everyone,

My wedding is Sept 21st of this year and I have 9 bridesmaids to buy flowers for and would like to know if anyone knows of a place that I can get nice affordable flowers? I don't mind silk as long as they are the nice looking ones but would prefer real flowers.


Re: Looking for Affordable wedding flowers

  • I'm going with Jennifer at Luna Vinca. She's been really great with working in my budget and giving me suggestions for how to have flowers run "double duty." I didn't choose very expensive flowers to begin with (primarily gerber daisies). I thought she was very open to suggestions and respectful of budget.
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    I'm ordering mine from Costco's florist. Prices range depending on what you want, but I'm getting 35 "bunches" total of hydrangeas, carnations, irises, lilies, and another kind I can't remember right now, heh, and it will cost about 325. This is enough to make bouquets and 20 centerpieces. If you are interested, you can just call Costco and ask for their florists phone number. She will take your order whenever you're ready, but there's no hurry because the place she orders them from doesn't except orders until 7 days prior to delivery date--she will hang onto the order and take care of it for you. That's what I liked about it--there was no rush to make up my mind.

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    I have found awesome flowers ebay entire wedding party for $200
  • Hordol,   Is the florist at Costco arranging the flowers for you as well or are you arranging them yourself? 
  • I am working with a woman named Lindsey (The Enchanted Lily) who used to work in florist shops, but has since started her own special events floral company from her home. She has been SO helpful, flexible, willing to stay on budget and find alternatives to make it work. She has just been great. I haven't had my wedding yet to see the flowers, but I'm just so satisfied with her pricing and her customer service. Hit her up: [email protected]
  • I'm thinking about going with market flowers (they sell in the mpls farmers market)
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