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Budget Venue Help! And any other advice

I just got engaged and we are trying to find a reception venue for 5/3/14.  We are really trying to keep our budget below $15,000 for the whole wedding.  We live in Plymouth and would prefer a hotel in our area, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, or Saint Louis Park. Hoping to find something nice but reasonable.  Would appreciate any suggestions! I am definitely starting to stress so would love any tips on saving money, vendor ideas :)


Re: Budget Venue Help! And any other advice

  • Rebecca, 

    Check out community centers as well!  I just looked at Plymouth Community Center & Millenium Garden and both look reasonably priced (lower than what my community center venue will be) and they look nice!  Plus you get cheaper rates because you're a Plymouth resident! :)  I bet the garden would be GORGEOUS in early May (provided we get a better spring than this one!)

    Good Luck!
  • Parks and Community Centers are your best bet. Most will let you bring in your own vendors so you won't have minimums and other extra fees. How big is your guest list?
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  • The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre has a pretty amazing all-inclusive package deal that only costs $7,250 for 150 guests (they adjust if you need more or less). That's where we're having ours!
  • Check out the doubletree off of 100/394.

    As for vendors, get the venue/ceremony location(s) first to set the date.

    Then focus on Photographer, DJ, and Limo. These are services that can be sold out, and if you want a certain one you need to get those booked early.

    Items like cake, flowers, invitations, etc. are products and are not as time sensitive.

    Money saving tips:

    You can make your own centerpieces for less money than buying them. Same with invitations.

    Nobody remembers if you have chair covers. They are an extra expense that can easily be sacrificed allowing a bigger budget for other things. Think about what you remember from other weddings. Food and entertainment will likely be at the top of that list. Whether it was good bad or otherwise. These are the 2 things people will notice if you try to go cheap.

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    Try Turtle's 1890 Social Centre in Shakopee. Very affordable, but not cheap-o. Still very classy place and the owner is amazing.
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  • Thanks for all of your advice! We did book the DoubleTree off 394/100 and are very happy with our choice and the pricing.  Now on to other vendors.  Photographer is a tough one, really don't want to spend too much.  Would love budget friendly recommendations :)
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    with photogs just remember you can't photo-shop a bad picture. It's still a bad picture.

    The best photographers to use are ones that don't give you a set end time. Too often a bride will try to book a photographer for a block of time that is too short and then regret it later when there are shots missing because the photographer had to leave at 7, but the dance didn't start until 8.

    Check out Agape. They are very reasonable and do a great job.

    Most photographers are going to be between $1000-$1500 for a good one. Anything more than that price is just ego.

  • I liked what I saw online with Blue Boots photography and they were under $1000.  The woman I emailed back and forth with did so in a timely manner and was super nice!
  • some photographers will show you some of the pics (as they take them) so that way you know what they are going to look like. Our photographer did, and it made me feel better knowing that I was getting my monies' worth. 
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