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April 2013 Weddings

Really long WD recap!

This is going to be long, I am sorry! I am using it for my journal too as a detailed recap of everything that happened.

My last day of work before the wedding was a Tuesday; on Wednesday I got my hair and make up trial and for the most part I loved it. On Thursday I got my first ever massage and it was very nice. But when I got in my car I got a phone call that made me feel like I got punched in the gut. It was from my mom and she said "I hope your massage was good and helped you to relax! I am going to Ohio soon because your dad got into a car accident at work" She said it so nonchalantly that I almost missed it.

My dad drives a semi and while on route to a stop another semi's brakes locked up, they jack-knifed and crashed right into my dad's cab. There were angels watching over him that morning because the only part of his cab that was left untouched was the driver seat, he was able to get out himself and was barely scratched. The firemen didn't believe he was in the accident because they said there was no way that a person could have survived that.

So after hearing that; nothing else mattered anymore. I went with my mom and brother to Ohio to pick him up from the hospital. They did a cat scan and everything looked okay. He was very shook up, and the only physical mark on him was a scrape on his neck where the roof grazed him when it flew off. Over the next few days he was sore and stiff but he would not let anything ruin our wedding day.

Friday I got a manicure and my first pedicure! And it was our rehearsal day. The actual rehearsal was pretty much pointless, I was upset about that because the people that were there didn't know what they were doing. But the dinner was so much fun. We gave out our gifts and my girls got me the best gift ever. They put together a youtube video of pictures and well wishes and I sobbed like a baby. I stayed at the hotel with my sister that night and we finally fell asleep around midnight. Well at 1am the freaking fire alarm went off because some a$$ decided to pull it. That was not fun lol.

The morning of flew by. I was so happy with the way my hair and make up turned out. And all of my girls looked amazing! When I got to the church everything hit me, it was really happening! When we started to line up and I saw everyone in front of me I started crying. My dad was trying to keep me calm and when it was our turn I heard him whimper and I lost it. Our ceremony was about an hour but it went by so fast. I couldn't hear our priest that well when we were supposed to repeat after him, so I made up some words lol.

Because of the weather we ended up changing our picture location the day before. We went to a community theatre and got some awesome pictures. Because we had some extra time left before we needed to arrive we took the bus to my grandparents house. My grandpa is 93 and he wasn't able to make it to the ceremony or reception. I really wanted to see him on my wedding day because he was so excited about it, but he got sick this past year and he was upset he wasn't well enough to make it. All was going well until he welcomed Steve to our family officially and my grandpa started crying, well that lead to waterfall of tears from everyone in their house. I was so happy.

Once I sat down at the reception I felt sick to my stomach and lightheaded. I couldn't eat or sip anything but water. I was having a great time though. During my sisters toast she talked about our family's tradition at weddings and all of a sudden someone with some crazy outfit runs on the dance floor - they surprised me with the Harlem Shake, costumes and all. It was my absolute hands down favorite part of the night. I loved it.

My one goal was to get to every table that night (21 of them) and even though it took a long time, we did it! A little bit later in the night, I was looking for my husband (hehe) and apparently there was something happening outside. My cousin's guest - that one one from our family has met before - got way too drunk and started running his mouth to my other cousins. He would not stop. He was belligerent and had no idea where he was but that didn't stop him. I was pissed because I wanted to dance with my H so I ran outside and everyone was trying to get him to leave, they even called a cab for the guy. Still he would not leave, My dad finally had enough and went up to him to try and get him into the cab, well the guy got tough and got in his face. Because he was unstable he head butted my dad and knocked himself out. When he woke up, he claimed he was assaulted and called the cops! When they got there they took a report and made the guy leave.

That was the only issue really, and I am only upset that my H spent a good portion of the night trying to calm this guy down so nothing would happen. Oh, another thing... I was supposed to get my boudoir photos to give for that day, but nope we didn't get them. My photog kept telling me they would be there and on the day of she didn't have them. I finally got them almost 2 weeks later. It was my first time seeing them when I gave them to my H and I maybe liked 2 of them. But I did give him the journal that I kept for the past year and that made him cry. He loved it. So it was all worth it.

The day went by so fast, but it was wonderful. I am kind of bummed that it is all over, but am thankful as well!


Re: Really long WD recap!

  • I still can't believe a friend made that dress for you, it is SO pretty!!

    I'm glad everything went well!! I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but thank goodness for guardian angels. That is crazy!!! I'm so glad he was ok and at your wedding :) And was your cousin horrified about their guest? I would be.. what a jerkoff.

    Pictures look great though!!
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  • Sorry to hear that there was drama, but it sounds like you still had a fantastic time!  Your pictures are soooo cute and I love your dress! :)

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  • vk2204vk2204 member
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    Thanks, ladies!

    My cousin feels very bad about what happened, but she is still seeing him. Not that I care who she dates, but the whole ordeal started because my cousin wanted to go dance with some of my male cousins (they are all in their 30's). Her date apparently is very insecure and pretty much forbade her to do that and in the process of telling her no he grabbed her hard and then shoved her. She is unstable to begin with, and her last bf was very abusive towards her. So naturally we are protective of her. But oh well, what can we do.

    I cannot wait to get the rest of the pictures and video back!
  • Thank god your dad is okay! What a frightening experience right before your wedding day. I also felt sick and lightheaded at my reception, it sucked! But I pushed through it and danced like crazy anyway lol. What an ass that guy is. I would never invite him to another family function.. That's ridiculous. You looked beautiful!
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  • You look so beautiful!  Great pics!  I am so sorry about all of the drama, and I am very happy your Dad is ok!! :)
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  • You look amazing!!!! Congrats!!!
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  • vk2204vk2204 member
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    Thank you!!
  • Love your dress! Glad all is well with your dad, too!

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  • joheryljoheryl member
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    Wow just beautiful pictures!

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