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Changing your name: the good, the meh and the what the!?!

Personal experience with the name change? It wasn't all that difficult.

I filed the marriage certificate, received my copies and was done.
Went to social security, and other than the long line, it was easy.
Drivers license, piece of cake.
My personal credit union, no problem.
Some places wanted a copy of the marriage license. Another place wanted to see my license with the new name... all easy to provide.

Bank of America, now that's another story altogether.
It's been 3 weeks since I requested my name change with them, only to recieve a letter today saying I didn't give them everything they needed (drivers license, marriage license and home owners insurance with new name) nope... the marriage license I provided wasn't good enough they want the recorded license I originally provided and a scan of the actual marriage certificate with my signature on it. Also, a w-9 form with my new name too.
DId I mention I only have my mortgage thorugh them, not any bank accounts.


Who else is getting the run around? Or are you guys sailing through the name change process easy peasy?
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Re: Changing your name: the good, the meh and the what the!?!

  • I haven't started the process yet, I'm totally dreading it.

  • I have not started the name change process, but I can tell you that Bank of America is the biggest pain in the ass I have ever dealt with.  I just closed my account with them today because I am tired of their BS.  They didn't even make that easy!  They have pissed me off so many time in the past few months...  Sorry they are being asses to you!
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  • Changing the name on my mortgage and car title are the biggest pains in the arses for me.
    Social security and getting my new license were easy though they said it could take up to 3 weeks for my new liscense to be mailed to me which has made getting other items slightly tougher to accomplish.

    I was bummed to find out I have to pay $100 to get my passport changed.  Before we go on vacation next winter I will have to get that done but I'm not in a huge hurry to do it right now.
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  • I did everything in one day: social security, registration and license, bank account and car insurance. I had no problems at any place with my marriage certificate and temporary license in hand. My work did all my health insurance etc for me so I didn't have to worry about that. I have to change my car title too?! Is that done through the registry?
  • Well, I printed out the Social Security form and filled it out.  I had good intentions.  lol  I'll most likely get it done on Monday or Tuesday. 

    I'm sort of praying that it goes well at the DMV because A) I actually like my driver's license photo and don't want to change it and B ) My license expires at the end of this year anyway and if they make me pay for a new one now and another new one in 6 months, I'm really going to be ticked off.
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  • Social security was easy. I'm going to DMV and the banks tomorrow. I'm hoping it won't be that much of a hassle. I'm going to worry about other bills and insurances  and payroll next week. It's def a pain, but once its all done, it will be nice.

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  • Ive been married for almost a month, and have yet to start my name change :/ im dreading it, so i just keep putting it off :(
  • I haven't started yet either. I might just wait until next year when my passport expires and I have to replace it anyway.
  • I waited an hour and a half at SS to get my new card. Good thing I had my iPod with me, I just watched a movie until my number was called. Bad part was I had to miss some work and since no paid time off I lost pay. DMV Monday. This time I made an appointment and have everything ready to go during my lunchtime.
  • I've done everything and it wasn't too bad... I'm keeping my maiden name at work though, although personnel has my new legal name. But email stays he same. I'm not going to change my passport till I need to one day because it is so expensive! As for the title, DMV told me I didn't need to change the title. I kept my last name as middle though so that may be why... Just call and ask, you may not have to until you sell it.
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    I'm very thankful after hearing your ordeal that the bank I have accounts with has integrated systems, so my mortgage was automatically updated after the name on my checking acocunt was. They also didn't even ask to see a certified copy of the marriage license. Seriously. I just called and said "I got married", they said, "Congrats! What's the new name?" SERIOUSLY. I did upload a copy of my new driver's license to my account, but they didn't even ask me to do that. The only thing the customer service rep on the phone even mentioned was that as long as the name matched with SSA, it wouldn't be a problem.

    Of course, the deed to my house is another issue... which I'm dreading. Apparently I have to file paperwork with the county to request a new deed, and it's this huge process, either requiring help from a titling agency or a lawyer. Blegh. And the title to the car... and the registration... ugh. I still have to do my retirement accounts, because I need some kind of a "signature guarantee" for that, but that shouldn't be too difficult, from what I understand.  Everything else is changed already.
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  • I've been sailing through pretty easily!  SS and DMV were very simple. I have 9 credit cards (don't worry--only one with a balance!) and only one needs me to sign something, the others just took my new name over the phone which I thought was weird but am not complaining about!  I've just started calling all of our utilities and so far hasn't been too bad.  The most complicated is our electric company which wants us to fax in a copy of either my driver's license, ss card or marriage certificate.  Hoping it stays this easy!

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  • I'm glad most of you are having an easy time of it!

    I am also still getting used to signing with a new name, being referred to as a new name, heck even just answering what's your first and last name with the right name! hahaha

    @Von1976 , I didn't even think about the deed to the house, great... I should probably look into that... once I finish getting BOA to change my stupid mortgage. 
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