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April 2013 Weddings

Full recap of our DW wedding

I posted some guest photos a few days ago and finally got around to writing a recap. It's long, but I want to remember as much as I can.

T and I woke up together the morning of our wedding and ordered room service for breakfast. We relaxed most of the morning while eating and chatting. My mom came to our room at 11am and hung out with us for a bit. Shortly after my mom and I left for the spa for my hair appointment that was set for noon. I was nervous to see how my hair would turn out because I hadn’t had a trial and I had no idea who would be doing my hair. While I was there the photographer came and started taking pictures. I felt so awkward! I haven’t had my photo professionally taken since I was a child, so I wasn’t sure what to do. It got better as the day went on though. My hair took about an hour and a half and WOW I (and everyone else) loved it! Not only was it gorgeous, but it withheld the Mexico heat and windy beach all day. It was amazing.

After the spa my mom and I headed to my hotel room to do our make-up. We ordered some pizza as well and relaxed. That took under an hour and I quickly put my dress on. It felt so amazing to have my hair done, makeup looking nice and to be in my beautiful gown. I felt pretty! I opened a card my groom had left for me and it was so sweet. We had some extra time while I was waiting for my bouquet to be delivered to my room, so I called T (who was getting ready in his parents hotel room) and asked if he wanted to do an impromptu first look at one of the pretty gazebos on the hotel property. He said sure and I headed there right away. It was so nice to see him before the ceremony and share some special moments. We then took a few pictures with his parents. My parents were supposed to come down as well, but they were waiting in my hotel room for my bouquet, which was running late. That was stressful, but eventually it got there (30 minutes before the wedding). At that point T had to head down to the beach to meet our wedding planner and get situated. I then had to wait in the hotel room for the wedding planner to come up and get me. Apparently at first there weren’t enough chairs set up on the beach, so she was running late as well and that was making me nervous.

She came about 10 minutes late (it was 4:00pm and that was when the ceremony was supposed to start) and led us (my mom, dad and I) to a bridge that led to the beach. Shortly after the music started playing and there we went! There were at least a hundred beach goers watching and taking pictures. It was pretty special. When I got to my groom I was overwhelmed with happiness. In front of me was the man I was going to spend my life with. To my left was the beautiful blue-green ocean and to my right were our 22 closest family and friends. I was completely surrounded by beauty and love. It was just the best moment. We had a lovely ceremony and a champagne toast on the beach right after. Our guests got on a trolley and went to cocktail hour, while T and I went down the beach to take pictures with our photographer. He led us all around taking pictures and I can’t even count how many people said congratulations, you’re beautiful and your dress is amazing. The fun part was that we heard it all in so many languages! There were people of all nationalities staying at the resort. Anyway, it made us feel really great.

After we were done with pictures we headed to cocktail hour. We spent some time with our guests and then at 6:30pm we went to dinner. The restaurant was called La Marina and it fit our theme perfectly! The room looked amazing. The décor was so pretty and everyone had such a good time. The menu was perfect as well- everyone enjoyed a huge appetizer buffet and dinner menu including lobster, steak, salmon, chicken, etc. Our cake had two tiers, the top being strawberry cheesecake and the bottom was vanilla. Both were amazing. There was a big dessert buffet as well. My dad and grandpa both gave really nice speeches. After a few hours our group decided to head to the lobby bar for more drinks and fun. There was a piano playing there and it was a great night. All of our guests said it was an amazing time. My grandma even said the other grandkids are going to have a hard time living up to this wedding haha.

When we eventually headed back to our hotel room we found a tub full of bubbles and roses. There were also roses all over the floor and leading to the bed. There was champagne chilling and chocolate covered strawberries on the table. We opened the champagne and went into the jacuzzi on the balcony. It was the perfect nightcap.

It was just the most perfect day that went about all expectations. Nothing went too wrong and I felt relaxed all day. I’m so glad we decided to have a small destination wedding with just those that were close to us. It made it that much more special. We celebrated for a whole week with everyone and had the time of our lives.

If you made it through all of that props to you! Ha. I will be back when we have pro pics!


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