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BM not wanting to pitch in for Bride gift

So I am the bride in this situation and I heard from my MOH about a really wonderful gift she's having the girls chip in for. Well there is one BM that feels she shouldn't have to put in money for the gift because her dad is letting us his condo in Fort Myers, FL for the week. I emphasize HER DAD!!! This is not her condo yet and she feels like she's already done this huge favor for us. It's costing her NOTHING to do this so why is she being so difficult. Should she have to put money in or am I just overreacting for no reason? I know I have no say since this was the MOH's idea to do something nice for the FI and I.
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Re: BM not wanting to pitch in for Bride gift

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    In Response to Re: BM not wanting to pitch in for Bride gift:
    [QUOTE]Thank you all for your advice and I do take your criticisma as constructive. I definitely did not think before I typed out my original post and I definitely feel embarassed now that I read it over and over. I apologize for how I came off.
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    Ah, the typing before thinking, the many times I have done that . . . 

    I think it might be best to have a bit of a talk with your MOH and tell her that you are not involved with any gift buying for your wedding, and she needs to handle this herself without involving you.  And I would throw in there that she should recognize that not everyone needs to get you a gift if they can't afford it, and not everyone is required to go in with her for a gift.

    Also, if you haven't already, make sure that you thank this BM that is letting you borrow her dad's condo for a week.  It is a very nice gesture, and she shouldn't feel unappreciated for it. 

    Good luck with this though!  I hope your MOH doesn't cause you too many problems with your BM. 

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