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Reviews - 18 April 2013 - Part 2

Mandarin Oriental – A – I went here for high tea as part of my bachelorette party, beautiful, nice scones, pastries and sandwiches.

 Your Beauty Call –A – One of my bridesmaids organised for me to have my hair and makeup done as part of my bachelorette, I have never heard of them on The Knot but use them!!! 2 girls came one for hair and one for make up, I had very glam night time make up and used my extensions for the first time to have a side swept curls with fishtail braid look, loved them! I think their names were Janine and Crystal.


 Hyde at Bellagio – A – My bachelorette party ended at Hyde, was loads of fun, we had vouchers for free champagne, danced for hours, good atmosphere and amazing view of the fountains and Eifel Tower.


 Harmony Medina – A++ - Book her, she is amazing, she came to the suite and did a spray tan for me and my bridesmaids the night before the wedding. On the wedding day she was early, easy to talk to, was just like hanging out with a friend, she did a great job on me and two bridesmaids, I had some hair extensions with me and they really helped to bulk up my hair style. Bridesmaids loved their hair and makeup and mine was so glam I have never looked so good!!


 Scheme – A++ -  As we were coming from New Zealand and most of our guests hadn’t been to Vegas before, I really wanted things to run smoothly for everyone so we decided to hire a day of coordinator. Tara and Kayla were with us on the day. Tara came to the suite and made sure we got to the ceremony on time, Kayla looked after Michael and his groomsmen making sure they knew where they were going. I thought nothing would go wrong and they would have nothing to do, how wrong was I!!! They were always one step ahead of me and kept everything flowing, if you have more than a few vendors and don’t want to be on the phone on your wedding day hire them!!


 Juno Garden – B – We had visited the garden earlier in the week and it is really nice. On the day of the wedding however they were setting up for a huge party for Cinecon and there were giant popcorns and cokes outside the garden and a lot of banging and crashing. The ceremony was at 5pm so we needed to be there at 4.30pm. my coordinator was Rebecca, she was late which annoyed me as the little holding room wasn’t open and I thought guests would start turning up and see me. Once she did arrive everything went smoothly. Keyboardist was fine, they played our CD of music without fault. Brian the officiant is nice and meets with you both beforehand. Flowers from Caesars were fine, I had white hydrangeas and ivory roses, much nicer than I expected! The garden was nice and quiet for the ceremony and was over in a few minutes.

Re: Reviews - 18 April 2013 - Part 2

  • Thanks for sharing and congrats!!! Glad to see the review on Your Beauty Call. I don't hear much of them here but I love their work and booked them for my wedding.
  • I've booked YBC too! I love their work but was a little worried they aren't mentioned here much. I'm looking forward to my trial even more now. Thanks for all of the reviews!
  • Im getting married at the Juno gardens in nine weeks. I love your pictures, you look beautiful, your hair looked great. I've not seen a recent review for the juno gardens so thanks for sharing! I'm very impressed with your flowers they look great. Can I ask if you know how many roses/hydrangeas you had? Also, did you arrange to see the garden before you left for Vegas via Rebecca? Thanks so much.
  • Hi just to confirm, do Caesars advise you to get there 30 mins before? Also, do you need to have music on a CD they can't use an iPod / iPhone etc? Many thanks
  • Hi sorry just one more question. I realised that you had your flowers whilst getting ready, did you pick them up in the morning?
  • HI,

    I just asked for the number of roses and then said i wanted hydrangeas as well, they were much bigger than I expected so I was really happy with them. I asked to pick my flowers up early so I could have them getting ready. My parents picked them up from the wedding office at Caesars att 11am and the ceremony was at 5pm, they lasted well.

    The bride has to be there half an hour before the ceremony and the groom 20 minutes before. You get there first and stay in the little room, the officiant comes to speak to both of you seerately before hand.

    We had the keyboardist play 3 songs while people are being seated and then we had our own music for the rest, it has to be on a CD not an ipod. I dropped the CD off when I got to Vegas and I also went and had a look at the garden before hand as well.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

    In Response to Re:Reviews 18 April 2013 Part 2:
    [QUOTE]Hi sorry just one more question. I realised that you had your flowers whilst getting ready, did you pick them up in the morning?
    Posted by spoon1984[/QUOTE]
  • Thanks very much! We'll be getting ready and arriving together!
  • Hi! I'm getting married in Sept at the Juno Garden. I was just wondering if they charged you to bring your own music. I have the Bella Luna package. Thanks!
  • Hi if you mean on a CD there's no charge. You can pay to hire a violinist etc.
  • Great reviews, especially the Juno Gardens one because that is currently our fave for the ceremony, glad it went well but you must have been stressed waiting for her to arrive!

    @spoon1984 9 weeks?  Eek!  That's exciting!
  • @sdg2502 that was a few months ago now, we leave a week on Sunday! I can't actually believe I was writing that 9 weeks ago it feels like just a few weeks have passed!
  • @spoon1984 oh wow, I totally didn't notice that!  How fantastic, you must be bouncing off the walls!  Can't wait to see any pictures of Junos garden if you get any you want to share!  How long is the flight by the way?  We can't get a direct flight there can we?
  • Happy to share. I don't think I'll be able to keep away from this site whilst I'm away! I'm going via Heathrow. Its a little over an hour to London, a two hour stop then 10.5 hours to McCarran. I'm not sure if Thomson still runs direct flights from Glasgow. In previous years they have run them in March, July and Oct. We took advantage of it in 2011, but it's not ideal as its only for a weeks holiday. I always found it hard to find on the Barrhead Travel website for some reason and the staff weren't much better at finding it. I don't think it was for the school Oct week though, I'm sure you mentioned that some of your friends are teachers. My FI is a teacher and it was only the July flights that worked for us.
  • Yeah I've got friends that are teachers but we're going for the Easter week rather than the October week...April 2015, so far away!  I didn't realise you could fly direct from London, that's good. 
  • @jessnmarsh Do you remember what time Hyde opened?  FI was asking me recently about it as a ceremony venue (I think she'd seen it on a blog or something) but I get the feeling it would be insanely pricey, although if it's closed all day maybe it isn't too ridiculous...
  • We didn't get there till after 10pm when it was in full club mode. It would be a pretty good ceremony venue if they would let you, view is amazing! 
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