Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews 4/20 (Friday)

We ventured away from the strip this day to run errands.  Wal-mart/Albertsons for alcohol. Good variety/prices.

Omelet House- SO GOOD.  We ran into it on our way to drop off/buy Alcohol for the DDB.  Great prices!

Drop off for DDB- We had a car to drive but this would be a really long cab ride!  Better to rent a car even just for the day.  I knew what to expect from other reviews.  But know that it’s in the back of a building and dropping off your alcohol and money for ice in a bus.  It all worked out but definitely seems weird LOL

Quesadillas (in The Quad)- B.  Although we didn’t want to spend any money in this hotel we got our kids on Friday afternoon/evening and didn’t want to go far with them.  We went with Quesadilla.  The food was ok.  The service was great.
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