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bouquest toss/garter toss songs

I am stuck! and need help! thank you in advance :)
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Re: bouquest toss/garter toss songs

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  • We're using "single ladies" by beyonce for the bouquet toss and "rock you like a hurricane" for the garter toss.  
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  • I confess I hadn't even thought of that yet! Those are good suggestions!

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  • We are also using Single Ladies. For the garter toss, we're thinking something cheesy like "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred.
  • Im jumping boards from April 2014 - Im using 'do it like that' by Ricki Lee for my bouquet toss. To me its THE single girl anthem with such a rocking beat. I wanted something different to Beyonce single ladies as a GF recently used that at her wedding.

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  • Garter toss...LEGS by ZZ Top

    I'm not doing it as so many are in couples, but it's a great song!

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