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So I have been calling every place in town trying to find a decent price for nails for my girls. I want a place that is close to my house in case we run short on time, that is clean, and offers reasonable prices. So far the best I found is a place that will do the girls nails with an included hot stone massage during their mani & pedi and got the following prices:

Gel nails: 33.25
Refill nails: 23.75
Paint nails: 9.5

Pedicure: 33.25
Paint toes: 19

Each girl needs a little something different since some have acrylic, and some can only have gel because of work, and one just want paint on her nails & toes. It comes out to be $28.5 for the girl just getting paint, $57 for the girls with acrylic, and $66.5 for the girls with gel nails. I know the massage is completely unnecessary but that was still the best price I got even with that luxury. Is this completely ridiculous?

Re: Nails

  • Unfortunately, that is the going price around here too. However, can you do just a mani/pedi combo? Usually it's about $50 per person for gel nails and a pedicure. 

    Are you paying for this as a treat for them, or concerned that it's too much for them to pay?
    If they are paying, let them choose if they want a full pedicure or just a polish change, or a full set of nails v. a polish change. 

    And just remember - it's more about you spending time with them before the wedding than what they turn out looking like. No one will remember what the bridesmaids nails looked like. :)
  • Have you talked to your girls? Do they normally get their nails done? Maybe they have a place in mind that they like to go to.
    Prices are similar around here too. Are you requiring that they get their nails done? Maybe you could like get them gift certificates for the standard mani and pedi price ($50) and if they want to upgrade they can cover the difference?

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