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May 18th!!!!! What are you all doing? What should I be doing!:/

I have found myself lost:/ what's on the agenda at this time?

Re: May 18th!!!!! What are you all doing? What should I be doing!:/

  • Call your vendors and finalize times, locations, and payments.
    Get your engagement ring polished and cleaned. 
    Did you buy bridesmaids gifts?
    Call rehearsal dinner venue and confirm number of people.
    Make a day-of schedule with times and who needs to be where when.
  • Working on Day of Schedules for each of our wedding party members (I just like people to be informed as to what is going on)
    Finished Playlist last night
    Finished Seating Chart this morning
    Need to get our Seating Chart, Program Wording, Menu info to our stationary design person.
    Finish Bridesmaids gifts
    Attend Bachelorette Party (mine is tomorrow)
    Work on Finalizing schedules with all vendors.
    Head count to caterer.
    Set up final walk through with DOC and Venue.
    Make Nail Appointments as needed for the day or two before the wedding.
    Make sure everything is good to go with Rehearsal Dinner.

    Finish Honeymoon details.
    Gather Docs needed for Honeymoon (Passport if going out of country)
  • I had the same question, this is very helpful!
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