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Reception timeline help :/

So May 18 is rapidly approaching and I'm lost on our reception timeline.Our ceremony is at 6pm with the reception being at the same location. We are having a buffet style dinner. Can anyone help please? I'm thinking we will enter the reception around 7 after taking our photos. Thanks ladies:

Re: Reception timeline help :/

  • What kind of help are you looking for? Are you trying to figure out when to do your first dance cake cutting etc?
  • Yes, trying to put together a schedule for the flow of things that day.
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    I'm going to preface this with different things work for different people.

    5:30 Ceremony Starts
    5:40 Ceremony Actually Starts (I buffered in starting late because my family is like that) Ceremony runs 15-20 min
    6:00 or directly after ceremony ends reception begins. Guests are invited upstairs. (Find Escort Cards, Grab a Drink, Use photobooth for guest book, mingle.
    6:15 Passed Apps go out
    6:30 MC will ask people to begin taking seats
    6:35 Begin Welcome Message, Start Family Intros (This is a cultural thing for us), Wedding Party Intro, then Bride and Groom Intro
    6:50 Pastor does blessing for food.
    7:00 tables 1,2,3 get released to buffet, DJ to Proceed appropriately.
    7:30 B&G are going to start visiting tables, while people eat. (This again is a cultural thing, instead of a receiving line, we go and visit individual tables.
    8:40 Dress Change, DOC to tell caterer to start cutting sheet cake in kitchen
    8:45 Cake Cutting.
    8:50 DJ Makes Announcement Grab a Bev will start toast in 5 min
    8:55 Toasts (we have BM, MOG, FOB)
    9:05 First Dance followed by father daughter dance
    9:30 Flower Toss
    10:15 DJ makes annoucement about getting ready for B&G Getaway.
    10:30 B&G Getaway Photos.
    11 Reception Ends

    Edit to include the following:
    Our guest list is 190. Ceremony and Reception are in the same building. Buffet will be a double buffet line. If we finish visiting tables we will move up all the events. etc.
  • thanks so much! this def helps :
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