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First look.... Freaking me out

I know its not that big of a deal but its freaking the ever loving crapola outta me.

We're having cocktail hour from 3-4pm, at 4 guests will be ushered to their seats and ceremony will start. I had planned originally to stay in the cabin getting ready with MOH during that time. For me, walking down the aisle should be the first time FI sees me. Dunno why I feel that way, but subconsciously its something that must really matter for me to be so upset right?

FI had talked about me (and MOH) being at cocktail hour so we can have a drink with our guests, take some pictures, etc. that idea put me into an immediate panic.

Is it weird or wrong of me to plan my enterance at the cocktail hour?? not for the guests but honestly its my FI. ever since we got engaged he's talked about seeing me for the first time in my dress. the only thing he knows about my dress is that its white. It's a tradition I won't break, he can't see it until our wedding day.

I'm still debating staying in the cabin for cocktail hour but I feel like ill be upset sitting in there in my own while everyone is out enjoying music and a drink.

Re: First look.... Freaking me out

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    In my opinion cocktail hour is for the guests anyways you wouldn't get to really enjoy it if it was after the ceremony so why go to it before the ceremony. Enjoy the first look idea and just spend time getting ready and preparing before the ceremony. But this is just my opinion and I have the same feelings toward my FI seeing me for the first time when I walk down the aisle.
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    I'm the same way-- we were back and forth about a first look but decided against it.  I really wanted him to see me for the first time walking down the aisle.  As PP mentioned, its very rare for bride and groom to make it to cocktail hour anyway, so enjoy your quiet time,  Have a drink with your MOH and enjoy the moment before all the craziness starts.  I think it would be akward to be mingling with guests before the ceremony and then lining up to walk down the aisle--that is your entrance.    
    If you are doing cocktail hour before your ceremony, what are the guests doing after when you are taking pictures after the ceremony?

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    It is strange to have a cocktail hour before your ceremony? I personally wouldnt want people waiting in line for drinks or chatting in another room as i am walking down the aisle or have that be the reason why the ceremony is late. I tend to picture a couple people trying to pass you on the way to the alter because they were in the bathroom or weren't paying attention to the ushers. But i could be wrong i just never heard that before.

    Our plan is that he will be chatting with guest and waiting around at the aisle about 30mins or so before the actual ceremony. Our first look will be walking down the aisle. But if he wants to interact with them before the ceremony then this would be the best option.

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    Everything is outside, were getting married an outdoor mountain venue. Absolutely Georgous! Cocktail hour is in the reception area. We decided on this since the minimum drive for everyone is nearly an hour, some are traveling 2-3 hours.
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