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Confessions and vents in 3...2...1...and go!!

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    Confession: I worked for a company for 8.5 years before being in a mass lay-off in 2006. I helped a former coworker get hired here when he needed a job. He might be getting his job back at our old workplace, and he said they might hire me back. Not sure yet how I feel about it.

    Vent: If my emotions were a scale from 1 to 100, I spend most days either below 5 or above 95. I'm not normally like this. I'll be glad when this wedding is over. I TOTALLY understand bridezillas now. I get it. If I were on the show, you would see me having a fit because I want to cut my cake at 9pm, but what they don't show is the venue manager telling me in a condescending manner that they always put the cake on the dance floor, so it has to be cut at 7:30pm before everybody has a chance to see it. I think "Bridezillas" should explore the untold part of the story, the way wedding vendors tend to get pushy in the final stretch, trying to make brides conform to their cookie-cutter idea of a wedding. I've spent way too much energy trying to convince my florist that I can have flowers AND candles on the tables, not one or the other. Just shut up and do it! lol

    ETA: Vent #2: I want my dress! I accept responsibility for ordering it late, but I still want it now! It's the last major piece of the puzzle. WANT. NOW.

    Oh, and confession #2: most of the stuff in my collage signature is outdated. I have an updated version at home, but I have had no time to upload it. And I'm aware that this month is dresses, but I did my dress last month. I don't think anyone is reading this anyway. Ha!

    ETAA: This collage is the updated one. Check back later for more updates about my signature. :P

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    Confession: I have no idea what to do for favours or for bridal party gifts. One of my bridesmiads said about a year ago that she didn't need a gift from me, I think to take the pressure off. But I still feel like I need to get them something. Just don't know what. Plus my sister is having twins, and all she talks about is her dog or the babies - it's hard to think of something for her that doesn't include either lol.

    Vent: Not really sure what to say here, except my hip is hurting today. I had three days off so went to the gym all three days and now I'm hurting because of it. Not sure if I even overdid it either, because my hip pain tends to come back in times of stress. And I guess I'm stressed. Our 50% deposit to the venue is due in 3 weeks and we have no idea how we're going to come up with it. Hoping for a miracle that my father helps out. He's been quiet about whether or not he's going to contribute financially and I really don't want to ask. I'll be glad when this is over and I'm married to the man of my dreams.
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    CONFESSION; i just want to get married already, all this planning and budgeting is becoming stressful!

    VENT; fiance wasn't excited about ring shopping for himself kinda made me sad =(
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    Confession and Vent combo: Today is my first day of Unemployment!!! WOO! I hope your office falls apart with your new admin! I had NO patience to train the lady who took my spot; she couldn't even type correctly or ten key, totally lied on her app, and he is going to pull his hair out! 

    Finals next week and I haven't started studying. Bombed my test last night (well you know b is for bombed, I worked too hard for anything less than an A.) So unless i make a 100 on my Final for an outcome of 90.85 I am going to get a B. Darn. Micro is a month long summer class and I'm already stressing about it and it hasn't even started yet. Which this also means no honey moon for us. Oh well. Maybe you know in 80 years when I finish school.

    Wedding - so my FI still has his half of the invites to hand out, mine on the other hand have already started RSVPing. So excited! I still have to get one BM her gift ordered. Mostly behind but now that I'm not juggling a new house/school/wedding and working at the same time, I think I may catch up :) I need to go down to the court house and see what all I have to do about the legal crap about getting married, oops forgot about that part. LOL. Pretty sure my sister isn't going to show. Maid of Honor my butt. So glad you were able to pay 100+ dollars a month for a new spanking TV and special DVR though. Got your priorities straight in my book. 

    Also our giant/ancient window unit went out 3 days ago. 95, 100 degrees then BAM 41 degrees today. Make up your mind west texas, thanks, broke-and now unemployed too busy to fix the ac me. I literally ran through the house opening and closing the windows 3 times a day this week. Aint nobody got time for that!

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