June 2013 Weddings

40 days!!!

All the RSVPs are back and the final count turned in. The difference was paid last night (thanks boss man for letting me leave work before the bank closed).

Name cards are being finished. Just a few small things to go.

I've been practicing my name since sign it at least 100 times a day (smetkmes more)... My oh my its gonna take some practice. Last name is currently an F, its changing to a T. Everytime I write it, its till F. Haha. FI is rather amused.

Bridal shower slash Bach party is this weekend and we got our first gift in the mail today. Totally made my day.

Hope everyone is dong well with planning.... I have 2 weeks to be DONE DONE DONE according to the time line (my oldest sons birthday is in 2 weeks).

Re: 40 days!!!

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    Wow, you are on the ball!

    Great job with getting all the name cards done.  I have 31 days and I don't even have back all RSVPs. You must have had an early date!
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    Way to be on top of things!! Maybe you can pass some of your motivation and organization skills my way, haha.

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    lol I've been practicing with my new last name for months. My last name now has a P, but my new one will have a C. It's actually easier to write the new one especially for a signature as it flows nicer.
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    Wow congrats on all your progress. I wish I had all my RSVPs. I hope to make progress soon!
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    We had a date of 4/24 I believe and had them all back by 4/20. The venue needed a final head count by 4/25 and payment difference by 5/1. Everything had been moved up a bit which caused some panic, thankfully it all fell into place. Just made my final dress fitting appt for next week. Eek!! It's all feeling so real now
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