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Board changes!

Hi ladies,

Welcome to the NEW boards! Here are some things you need to know about what changed:

The Knot Community Update– FAQ


How To:

·         Tag a fellow Knottie in the discussion or post?

o   Just use the @ symbol - @KnotJackie

·         Manage my Notification Preferences?

o   Go to your community profile, click Edit Profile

o   You can decide if you want to be notified by email or a mini-popup while in community

·         Earn badges?

o   You can earn badges for a variety of actions – more info coming!

When will I receive notifications?

o   New contribution to a discussion you started

o   Been mentioned / tagged in a post

o   Earned a badge

o   Been warned

o   New private message

o   New posts in your bookmarks

What is changing with Private Messaging?

o   More prominent on member profiles

o   You can now message multiple users in one PM

o   You will be notified when new messages

What are my new options when creating a new thread on a board?

o   New discussion

o   New poll

o   New question

§  Creator of question can designate one reply as the answer, awarding points to the member who submitted the chosen/best answer

How do I ignore a user?

o   User goes to her preferences page

o   There is a ‘Ignore List’ as an option in the left rail

o   Click this and type the name of the user, save.

o   There’s a max of 5


What is the process when the community rules are violated?

o   Warnings take points away from users

o   Each warning is for a specified time period

o   5 warnings equate to ban

o   Moderators/TK Administrators can send message to users with a warning

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