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Any Russians throwing a wedding in NYC? I need some planning advice

My Mother is being a pain but not surprising. She wants a huge wedding, extravangant, lots of vodka, etc. I'm guessing other Russians are in a similar boat so can you give me an idea of how much you're spending on alcohol and size of wedding. So far I have 150 on my list. 

I wasn't planning on doing a big all out wedding so I have no idea where to start and I don't want to ask my Mom before I have some ideas already. The more I ask her the more she takes over. Also, anyone else have a meddling Mom?


Re: Any Russians throwing a wedding in NYC? I need some planning advice

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    I am russian and my wedding will be @ XO i have a small 75 people.
    I found very nice venue but !!!!! they like to play games .
    we saw manager 3 times in one week and price change 3 times. First time ( we came on saturday) , good price and we got day which we want  and time . second time ( 2 days later), price went up twise ( same food and service as first time ) and our day was already booked ( and manager said that day was booked already for 5 months ) . Just be carefull !!!! Good luck Cool
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  • Try The Water Club.  It has beautiful NYC east river views.  It has an old-world feel about it but modern ammenities.  I think prices start at $150 per person plus tax.  They do both Jewish and Christian events there and have kosher and non-kosher meals.
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