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CHECK! and vent.

So Cinco De Mayo was our nieces 5th Birthday and I decided that would be the perfect day to tell her she is going to be our flower ahem I mean "Leaf" girl! So we told her and then took her shopping and found the PERFECT dress! She is going to look like such a little princess! I brought her to see our 4 year old nephew/ringbearer (no relation to eachother) and it was so funny he ran to the bathroom and wetted down his hair to impress her! lol The preceded to talk about how they are going to walk down the isle together and dance at our reception. It was just too too cute! 
One of my bridemaids still had not ordered her dress even though everyone eles dresses are going to be in in only 2 days, but I talked to her today and she is planning on ordering it in the next 2 weeks. I was really worried she wasn't going to be able to get her dress in time, but it sounds like everything should work out just fine. Happy about that!
Worst part about this week was that my fiance has cellulitis in his legs from having back surgery and now they aren't for sure it is cellulitis so we are waiting to see if it gets worse. Quite scary. Also, my income tax check came in the mail today... or so I thought. It was garnished to pay my $937 doctor bill. SERIOUSLY!? I only owe $937! I know there are people out there who have WAY more owed to doctors/hospitals than that and yet they garnished my entire refund! It just doen't seem right. I was really needing that paycheck. Sigh. Guess I am going to have to pick up more hours at work to cover these huge wedding bills! Goodbye summer VACATION. Lol
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