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My FH and I are getting married in a month and a half and we are trying to come up with entertainment for our guests. It is going to be a medium sized wedding around 85 people, but it is going to be a rather short wedding. We are holding it on a Monday but our venue only allows us to have access to the building from 1:30 pm to 11pm (including decorating and cleanup) and basically told us that we couldn't start the ceremony until 6 or later because people still work in the building until 6.

Our entire wedding will be about 3 1/2 hours (ceremony being from 6:30-7 with the reception beginning immediately after upstairs) and we are providing a buffet since it is around dinner time and there will be plenty of people coming from work. My biggest question is what to do for entertainment. We will be having dancing, but I know there will probably be some people who don't want to dance, or don't want to dance the whole time. What are some ideas that would work for a short reception, as well as be entertaining and cheap (we've already payed for the majority of the wedding and we don't want to end up going over our budget by paying for lots of small things).


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    You don't need entertainment.

    FWIW, DH & I would attend your ceremony, about an hour of the reception and head home anyways. We have to work the next day!

    Adult guests know how to mingle and the time will fly.
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    Yep, I agree with everyone else.  A lot of your guests will probably leave before the end anyway, given that it's on a Monday.  Feed them, provide good music, move things along at a quick pace (first dances, cake cutting, etc.) and then just enjoy yourself.  Grown folks don't need to be entertained.
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    [QUOTE]Will that many people really leave early? It ends at 10. If I'm out on a Monday for dinner or a work event, I easily would be home later than that. While I'm not out every weeknight that late, I would certainly make an exception for a wedding. I think OP planned well in terms of timing for a weeknight wedding. I agree that she doesn't need extra entertainment though. A half hour at least will be dedicated to the ceremony and a good portion of time will be dedicated to eating dinner. Then guests can socialize and dance and before you know it, it will be over. Any added entertainment willmonopolize too much of your guests' attention for a shorter event.
    Posted by AndreaJulia[/QUOTE]

    If the wedding is during the week and I had to go to work the next morning, I'd be leaving before 10pm.  I think it's expected, especially when planning a weeknight wedding.  

    OP - No entertainment needed!

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