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Hi Ladies!
I was hoping to get some info on the prices for the Atrium in Norcross.  Has anyone used/looked at them and if so what were the prices for food, decor, floral?  Thanks for your help!!

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  • My fiance and I went to look at the Atrium back in March. I will say that it is a beautiful space, and from what we could tell, their customer service seemed amazing. If it had been in our budget, I would have been very happy to have the wedding there. However, we are trying to stay around $6-7K for the whole wedding and just weren't able to make it work for us financially.

    The site fee varies depending on the month and time of day. For an evening, I think it was somewhere around $1,000. Dinner ran about $30 per person. The beer and wine bar was another $18-$20 per person. (We didn't price a full open bar.) And iced tea or lemonade were another $3 per person each. (This is where they lost my fiance - he refused to pay extra for iced tea, especially in the south.) They require you to use their own in house floral and design teams. We were already over budget, so we didn't price those out. I had been hoping to DIY some of our decorations, so that was a bit disappointing. There were a few other fees, like linens if you had more than 75 guests, and I don't remember all those details. If you go visit, they will give you a very thorough estimate based on your day/time and number of guests.

    Hope that helps!
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