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Short Transportation for Bride and Groom?

My husband-to-be and I need transportation from our reception venue to our hotel for the night on our wedding date. It is a 30 minute drive between. But we'd rather not drive it ourselves.

Anyone know of a service that will just pick you up and drop you off? I'd rather not do the taxi route, but it seems like all the limos and fancy cars charge you for 2 hours no matter what. Ugh.

Any ideas? Please help!
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Re: Short Transportation for Bride and Groom?

  • I rented on the two hour cars for mine, but I would assume most limos would do a point-to-point booking (they do it for airport drops regularly).   You could look around at limo companies – on a quick google search I found this one (I typed town car instead of taxi or limo). http://www.elitetransportations.com/rates/town_car/default.aspx

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    We used Eclipse Transportaion. We had an 8 person limo for one hour that was only $125 plus tax. Considering all of the other places I looked into had a 2-3 hour minimum, this was the most affordable option I found. They were great to work with, and although there was a slight miscomunication about a pick up location, they rectified it quickly and we were only waiting for 5 minutes. I highly recommend. them.

  • You could also check and see if the hotel has any shuttles.  Many of the hotels near our venue have shuttles.
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