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Does anyone have recommendations for a hotel that could accomodate 12 girls in one room for around $400?  My bachelorette party is going to be at a Tiger's game, but some of the girls are not 21 so we were going to hang in the room for most of the night.  I want it to be near Comerica.  Does anyone have experience with this many guests staying in a room fiarly comfortabley??

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    Legally most rooms can't accomodate 12 due to fire codes. Typically it is 4 people maximum.  You might look into getting 3 adjoining rooms.
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    12 sounds pretty ridiculous to cram into one room IMO. I think you could maybe get away with 10 or 11 if you had a 2 bedroom suite or 2 adjoining rooms with a rollaway or two.
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    I agree with the posters above, that many in one room will tax the fire codes, and probably not much fun.

    The Hilton Garden is walking distance, we've stayed there before after a Lion's game and it was nice. Not fancy, but pretty good rates and nice.

    The Atheneum is in Greektown, if you aren't totally bombed it's walking distance. The rooms are nice, mostly suites, reasonably priced for what you get. I think most of the rooms we've had were 2 large beds, and there is a sofa bed in the "living room" area.
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    FYI- we got a suite at the Greektown Hotel to host a party then 5 of us slept there.... It was $1,400
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