Ok, I just wanted to officially point out that you and i are having like the same wedding! st. paul's, music hall foyer, and shutterbooth! and aren't you in may, too?!?! CRAZY! i wouldn't be surprised if we were doing other things the same, too! very funny :)
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  • gmc22gmc22 member
    edited December 2011
    Hi!! Lol! So funny! I know! I noticed that when you first posted a while back! That is too funny! My wedding is May 28th!!!

    How are you coming along with the planning?!? I just booked a Trolley for the transportation to St. Paul's and perhaps to take around after for some pictures.

    What time is your mass? We have the 4:00 time... I REALLY wanted the 2:00 time but it was already taken :(

    But I'm SUPER excited - the Carnegie is just so beautiful~ I can't wait for the wedding day!
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