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Wedding Dress!!!

I know where to find the venue, the flowers, the food, even the bridesmaids dresses....but I am so lost when it comes to finding my wedding dress?! Where is a great place to find one? I'm budgeting myself to 1k for a dress since I feel like anything more for it would be crazy lol. Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!

Re: Wedding Dress!!!

  • Well, just start looking at your local bridal shops....I'm sure there are a few in your area that should be able to help you.  And if all else fails, find the closest David's Bridal!  ;) 

    Have you scoured the wedding dress gallery here on TK or searched thru bridal magazines for ideas of what styles you like?  That is always a place to start.  But remember, when you start looking for a dress, don't limit yourself - go ahead and try out that slinky mermaid gown, even though it may not be "your style".  You never really know how a particular style will look on you unless you try it on!

    And if you are a bride choosing to buy your gown online- again, go to the bridal shops and try on dresses to get the idea of a style you like, and what size you will need (wedding dress sizes run smaller than standard dress sizes) then you can scan the bridal gown shops online - and certainly don't forget to check out the classified forum here on TK!!  There are TONS of New/NW dress advertised!

    Good luck!

  • Where are you located?  I know a bunch of places on Long Island... Bridal Suite of Bayshore, Village Bridal in Babylon, Bridal Reflections in Carle Place and Massapequa, Lillette's in Bellmore...
  • I started looking at David's Bridal online, because my budget is about the same as yours (my mom is paying for the dress, but we splurged a little on the perfect venue, so I want to keep the dress reasonable). I liked that they list the price online, and I can add dresses to my favorites to bring in when I go try on dresses. I also found out there is an Alfred Angelo in the same shopping center, and they have pretty reasonable prices as well, so I looked there too. I have found about six dresses from each store that I want to try on. 
    David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo are good places to start! I'm pretty sure they both have stores all across the country.
  • My wedding is July 2014 and I already have my wedding dress!! Haha. Ok here is my advice. I find it insane to spend a lot for a dress until I learned the experience is priceless. I went to David Bridal and my experience was not well. I got better service at old navy! I went in and I felt not special at all. Bad lighting, crowded and you share the spotlight with everyone. Also bride's groom would be right in the fitting area. So my budget went a little higher for Marry n Tux in Nashua NH. I had my own room and my own personal shopper for an hour. The lighting was great and they made your experience great. I was only looking for now until I found my dream dress. 1370.00!!! Was 2500.00. I found the prices great and there are many cheaper dresses. Plus the dresses are not overwhelming.
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    My wedding is July 2014 and my dress is sitting in my mom's closet waiting until its time for alterations! Lol. 

    I got my dress from David's Bridal and I love it. I also spent less than what I had planned on spending so I honestly think that finding one in the range you're budgeting it for will be very easy to do. Like others have said, they list prices online.

    Also, if you get your dress from them you bridesmaids get X amount off their dresses from Davids Bridal.
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