TK changes

What do you guys think of the new changes?

Personally I'm not really a fan. It needs more color variation, but I do like the new tagging feature. It's nice to pull people back into a thread that may be a few days old, or that they just plain forgot about.

But yesterday, I posted in a different board about how I had a wedding nightmare the other night and it got deleted. WTF?
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Re: TK changes

  • Hey guys --

    So things like the threads you are watching etc. will be updated through May 16 as the whole site changes over. There are going to be little glitches here and there- but hold tight.
    The design team is well aware of the feedback everyone has given about the white and they are going to see what they can do.
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    @KnotJackie Thanks for commenting. We all like to know what's happening! :)
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  • Ya, as the Knot gods are well aware, I am way over the white background.  :/  I like pretty much everything else.
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