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Hey ladies!

It's almost summer and that means we can actually read books that we want to read!  So tell me what you recommend for reading this summer, what is on your reading list, or/and what you are reading right now!  Are there certain authors that you love and can recommend?  
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Re: Book Recommendations

  • A board member from my dad's school gave me Gary Chapman's book "Things I wish I'd Known Before We Got Married" as an engagement present. I was a little offended, but it's actually a good read. We couldn't afford premarital counseling with all the wedding expenses so we've used it as a way to approach topics we haven't discussed before.
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  • Okay, so if you are a nerd like me, look into Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. It is a fantasy novel in a world similar to a medieval setting. It is a really great story if you are into that kind of thing 
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  • Katie- If you like fantasy, I'm reading a series by Katherine Kerr and the first one is called Daggerspell.  It's excellent (and in my opinion blows R.R. Martin out of the water).  
    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

    Married! May 27th, 2012

  • rajahmdrajahmd member
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    Dang. This makes me wish I actually got a summer break. Silly med school. Why must you be year round? :-(

    My recommendation: the number series by Janet Evanovich. Easy, quick, hysterical reads. Great female lead, definitely not your typical Hollywood style lead. And there's some entertaining males in backup roles. Overall, a great series for light, fun, summer reading.
  • YES @RachelBFMD! I love the Stephanie Plum books :)


    I am a mystery lover, so I've got to recommend Harlan Coben. I just finished Tell No One, which was awesome, and he has a whooooole lot of other good ones. His latest is Six Years.


    For chick lit, I love me some Sophie Kinsella. She has a new one called Wedding Night, and I thought the one from last summer (You've Got Mail? I think?) was hilarious.


    Supposedly my library's website keeps a list of everything you've ever checked out, but I cannot find it to access my favorites. So I will post more if I think of them.

  • I made the mistake of starting a book before the semester started, and I haven't been able to read it since! It's called Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon - it's a cool twist on the Little Mermaid, told from the perspecitve of 2 different characters, one being the mermaid (chapter one is narrated by one girl, chapter two is narrated by a different character and so on).  So I am looking forward to finishing that when I'm done with school.  I also want to try and get a crack on the Hunger Game series - I recently just saw the first movie and I felt competely lost like they left out a bunch of info from the book that would have been helful to understand what was going on.



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  • kerbohlkerbohl member
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    If anyone loves historical fiction and the Napoleon Wars, I recommend the Sharpe series.  They are kind of crude, but that's what I like about them - Bernard Cornwall tells it how he thinks it would have been.  At the end, he has an "Historical Note" where he points out the true events and how he altered them in order to put the main character into the story. 
    I'm so behind on my reading that I don't even know what's on my 'reading list" anymore.  I'm still knee deep in my thesis, so right now it is all about medieval literature and gender studies.  Good times! 

  • If you like Janet Evanovich books, I recommend the No Such Thing series by Shelly Fredman. I used to love Stephanie Plum books but the longer the series has gone the less I care for them. The No Such Thing books were similar (but I think better) than the early Stephanie books.


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