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Buying stuff off your own registry

Has anyone else done this?  I found out something I registered for and loved was being discontinued, so I just bought it for myself.  Just wondering how common or uncommon this is.

Re: Buying stuff off your own registry

  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    I think it's fine.  Just take it off your registry so you don't get a duplicate.
  • I literally bought it off my registry - so it showed completed as soon as it was purchased.  However, I did not write myself a gift card! :)
  • Agree with misshart... there's nothing wrong with that.  We did the same thing with a quilt that we registered for at BBB.  I was managing our registry online and saw that the quilt was on clearance, so we wen ahead and bought it ourselves.  No harm... there were still plenty of other items on the registry.
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  • I also did this for an item that was on clearance.  It's NBD.
  • I'm planning on buying the pizza cutter off our registry this weekend because ours just broke and I'm not waiting 4 months to eat pizza.
  • We did this. We got a Keurig off our registry for the shower and had a few of the kcups listed but didn't those exact ones so we went and bought the ones we needed off the registry 
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