My First Tasting

Hi Ladies,

I'll be doing my first tasting this Saturday with Grand Gourmet. Although I've asked Felix what I should expect, he has not responded. (I've heard this about him but have over looked it because people rave about his food)

So I'm reaching out to you all, what should I expect? Are there any questions that I MUST ask?

Any and all feedback is helpful.

Re: My First Tasting

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    [QUOTE]Sounds exciting I was gonna schedule a tasting with him but the logistics never worked out. Let me know how it goes
    Posted by Tamimi85[/QUOTE]

    WOW! It went great, the food was beyond delicious, and the creativity....whoa! I've never tasted anything like it. And certainly never tasted food like his at a WEDDING! Great guy too, very personable, and funny. Not a doubt in my mind who are caterer is going to be. 
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